National Mustard Day

Today we celebrated National Mustard Day at the National Mustard Museum in Middleton. This was my fourth time coming to this little mustard festival and our second time as a family. It’s not a huge event, but there are plenty of people there enjoying it. I love quirky little festivals like this, which is probably why I keep going. And I never pass up free food.

Caden seemed pretty perplexed by his hot dog.

Just for kicks, here he is last year. Some things never change.

He was happy to pose for one hot dog shot. And then he refused to eat it because we couldn’t cut it up. Oh, he’s frustrating sometimes! 

At least Shepard had no qualms about diving right into his. Though he seemed confused too.

Last year he was too little for hot dogs, but very happy with peas!

Okay, you’re probably sick of looking at pictures of hot dogs. But that’s pretty much the highlight of the festival. Free hot dogs with your choice of mustard. This year we got there super early and nobody was even in line. Greg had two!

Okay, the best part of the festival might actually be sampling a bunch of unusual mustards. They have sooo many flavors at the museum. It’s fun to go any time, not just on Mustard Day.

Caden last year. Definitely his favorite part.

We had to get our picture taken in front of the Wienermobile. Caden wasn’t being very cooperative. (Surprised?)

Shepard loved his wiener whistle!

Anyway, it was a fun little hour long excursion. If you’re ever near Middleton, Wisconsin on the first Saturday in August you should check the festival out! Go for the hot dog at least. 🙂

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