Family Time

Today we spent our day on a boat. Greg asked me yesterday afternoon if I wanted to go and I immediately said no. Quick boat rides around small lakes are fine. All day long boat rides? Not so much. Especially in 90+ degree weather with two small easily bored children. Also with strangers (Greg’s coworkers and families), needing to make small talk all day? Definitely not my idea of fun. Sending the three guys on a boat ride while I stay home and work on my infinite list of things that can only be done without little hands helping me out sounded like a much, much more appealing idea.

So with that settled I started making plans for my day. I pretty much never, ever even get an hour totally alone at home, so a completely empty day to fill all by myself sounded amazing. But then Greg came home and said he wished I would go. Not in a mean way, just a statement. And I started thinking about how many things I’ve forced him into doing in the past few years, usually on weekends, when he’d much rather stay home and relax. He almost always goes willingly, even when I know he’s not that interested.

I’ve also been thinking quite often lately how little quality family time we’ve had. A couple days a week either Greg or I are gone at night. On weekends I almost always try and get out of the house to shop alone or something. More often than not the boys are spending time with just one parent, not the two of us together. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s important for each of us to have alone or friend time too. But it really seems like our family time has been lacking this summer.

Anyway, I changed my mind and decided to go on the boat. This is our last summer weekend before things start getting crazy in September and lasting through Christmas. I can clean and organize the house any time, even if it will be a lot harder with my “helpers.” How often are we able to go boating on a beautiful day? It was a rare opportunity and I decided spending time with my husband and babies was more important.

The day turned out to be a lot of fun. The boat had a cover (thank goodness!) so it wasn’t that hot in the shade. Greg’s boss, Mike, owns the boat and he took us through Lake Mendota, across the river through Madison, and into Lake Monona. Above is UW Madison’s Memorial Union.

Shepard never looked too comfortable in his life jacket, but he did amazingly well throughout the day. He never cried or anything. He’s always such a trooper.

Caden had a great time enjoying the boat and hanging out with the other two kids.

Here we are on the river through the city. It was very pretty, but we had to have the top down so it was HOT.

I’ve never seen a black and white duck like this before. It was really cool.

Monona Terrace. Greg and I were standing on top of this on our last real date a few months ago. It looks very impressive from the water.

Caden hasn’t been too thrilled with me lately (I’ve heard a lot of “Mean Mommy!,” “Go to your room all day!,” and “I don’t like you, Mommy!”), but every once in awhile he’d forget that and come cuddle with me. I like this picture.

Shepard kept fighting sleep with all he had, but he succumbed a couple of times when we were going fast. Poor babe.

We docked at The Bourbon Street Grille for lunch.

Shepard apparently learned how to pick his nose!

Going fast! I hope Caden wasn’t making this face the entire time!

Shepard isn’t looking too good either. His face is purple!

I could have gotten a lot better pictures of scenery if I had ventured to the front of the boat, but I was avoiding the direct sunlight at all costs. You can kind of see the capital in the distance, though.

Asleep again.

And finishing the boat ride with some licorice. It was a pretty fun day and I’m glad I decided to go. Family time should really be more of a priority, even if it means giving up something I want. I’m sure if I had stayed home as planned I would have just felt guilty all day. Now I have some happy memories instead!

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