Seventy Degrees!

We started our morning today with SEVENTY degree temperatures! I don’t think that’s happened in weeks! I was incredibly excited because the crazy hot weather has worn me thin way too often this summer. I feel like we’ve been inside more than we are in our freezing, snow-filled winters. I also feel like I’ve sweated more in the last month than my entire life put together. It’s disgusting! Anyway, I was so happy to have a cooler morning that we quickly made plans to get out of the house and do something fun before the temperatures spiked again.

First I thought I’d share some pictures of what it looks like in my tiny bathroom every morning when I’m trying to get ready. I am never alone. Shepard can climb on the toilet now and reach pretty much anything on the counter. The boys are both constantly fighting over perfumes, chapsticks, deodorant, hairspray, and anything else they can get their hands on. Lately Shepard has been pretty obsessed with my bottle of Heavenly perfume.

Caden is more attracted to my bin of chapsticks. I have a few cheaper ones set aside for them to use and then a couple more expensive ones that I really like to use. Caden thinks he’s so tricky because he usually holds up one of his and asks to have some. I say sure and then he quickly switches it for one of the good ones. And he always has to put on at least two kinds at once.

In deep concentration over the chapstick.

He always needs a squirt too.

I let them each have one spray, but I draw the line at makeup!

After we finally got everyone ready we headed to this little spot by the river. We live right by a river, but this is the only accessible place to actually get close to it.

On a side note, I’ve been really interested in Photoshop actions lately and have been trying a lot of different things. So here’s the same picture, with a different look.

Shepard is letting out his warrior cry because he’s so excited that he can throw rocks in water – his favorite activity!

Of course they keep going for the biggest and dirtiest rocks.

They keep getting splashed.

Big splash!

I told them not to pick up the muddy rocks, so of course they looked extra hard to find the grossest ones.

My first attempt at a creative embrace the camera photo. Shepard wasn’t being very cooperative. And Caden’s legs are orange because in the car yesterday he felt like coloring, but didn’t have any paper…

Trying again, out of focus.

Yeah, Shepard refused to “look naturally over at the water,” but it turned out pretty cute.

Walking up the rocky hill back to the van. I like how Caden decided to hold Shepard’s other hand to help him up.

After the river rock adventure, we headed to the park. I don’t think we’ve been to the park in over a month. Pretty sad for two active little boys in the middle of summer.

This swing was just added. They were having a good time sharing it!

Caden can climb up all the playground equipment by himself now. He’s growing up!

Lounging on the swing.

It was a really great morning! I love that I get to spend every day at home with my boys. I am one lucky woman!

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