Easy Frozen S’mores

Frozen s’mores are one of my favorite quick snacks. They’re super easy to make and I generally have most of the ingredients on hand so I can make them whenever the craving strikes. A few years ago I was making batch after batch of these for months. They’re so good!

There’s no real recipe for these frozen treats, you just need a container of cool whip, some small marshmallows, and anything else you feel like throwing in. I usually add a generous scoop of peanut butter to give them more flavor. Then you can mix in anything else that sounds good to you. Chocolate? Candy? Fruit? I usually add chocolate chips and peanut butter chips if I have them. Today I was pretty low on chocolate chips so I added butterscotch chips that have been in the pantry forever.

Just mix everything together, put a huge scoop on a graham cracker, make it into a sandwich, and freeze! You can eat them right away too, but I think they’re a little tastier once they’ve frozen.

It’s a very easy, fast, and tasty snack. Especially if you love s’mores like I do! I think next time I might shove a chunk of solid chocolate right in the middle of the filling. Yum.


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