Six Year Anniversary

Today we celebrated our sixth wedding anniversary. It’s amazing how much life can happen in six years. In the last six years we have lived in five different places. We’ve both had two different jobs. I’ve graduated from two educational programs. We bought and sold our first house. We traveled our dream vacation and went on many weekend getaways. We gave life to two beautiful little boys. We’ve been through the many ups and downs of married life.

Six feels like such a small number compared to the memories we’ve already shared together. Though to be fair, we were together six and a half years before we got married, so we really have twelve years of happiness behind us.

Every year on or right around our anniversary we take our big vacation of the year. This year was the exception and it felt a little weird sticking around home. We’re planning a vacation to Michigan in a few weeks so at least we’re not skipping out on a vacation all together. I just missed the excitement of being in a new and fun place while we celebrate.

To honor the day, Greg and I went on a date to Madison. Our first stop was Olbrich Gardens, one of Madison’s outdoor treasures. We walked through their gardens countless times during college so it was fun to go back. It’s the perfect time of year with so many flowers in bloom.

Afterward we had lunch at Great Dane, one of our favorite restaurants. Then we rented a movie to watch at home. Not the most exciting date, but at least we got to have some time to ourselves. That’s one of the great things about living by the grandparents – we can pretty much have dates whenever we want! That definitely wasn’t an option when we lived five hours away from everyone.

Olbrich is such a peaceful place.

I thought this was a fun picture. I set my camera on the ground with the self timer. It’s nice to get a picture with more than just our heads in the shot.

It was a nice day. I look forward to many, many more anniversaries. Married life is pretty awesome. šŸ™‚

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