Shepard’s Baptism

Yesterday was Shepard’s baptism! This will be a mostly photo post since there’s not a whole lot to say beside he was baptized, we ate lunch, he got some presents!

Caden was very curious about the holy water.

Shepard was just confused.

I really thought he’d cry, but he did great. It helped that Aunt Melissa got to hold him the whole time.

I wanted to get some nice pictures afterward like we did with Caden’s baptism, but Caden was being pretty naughty and wouldn’t be in any. Everyone was so rushed we didn’t get any grandparent or big family pictures either. 🙁

Shepard was really tired and the day has barely begun!

With the godparents.

Cookie break.

Caden decided to cooperate when the presents came out!

Balls are his favorite!

Uncle Tyler gave him a really cool Bible with his name imprinted on it. Looking back at these pictures I realize Shepard really wasn’t his happy, laughing self. Not a lot of smiles. 🙁

He’s such a cutie. Gonna be a heartbreaker!

Greg decided to dress himself at Shepard’s twin. Cute!

Second attempt at a family picture. Caden still wasn’t being especially cooperative, but we got some decent ones.

I like this one!

With Aunt/Godmother Melissa.

Happy baptism! It was really nice of everyone who shared the day with us!

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