Happy Mama’s Day!

Being a mommy is one of the hardest and most rewarding jobs on earth. You can never truly realize how emotionally taxing, yet joyous it is until you become one yourself. With every year and each additional child, the challenges evolve and life gets more complicated. But your mommy skills grow with your children and you learn how to love them in the best ways and generally have a great time doing it. I love Mother’s Day, especially since becoming one myself, because I think all moms need to be celebrated for who they are and what they do on a daily basis, usually with little to no immediate appreciation. I like this day where all the moms, grandmas, and influential women in our lives get a chance to be acknowledged and treated extra special. We deserve it! 🙂

My special day got to start a little early this year. On Friday night Greg and Caden went shopping and came home with this beautiful bouquet of flowers for me! Pink and green are my favorite colors, especially together, so I thought it was very thoughtful!

On Sunday morning Caden came running into my bed and gave me a hug and kiss and said “Happy Mama’s Day!” He’s generally not very affectionate to me, so it was really sweet. Throughout the day he did this a couple of times and it made me very happy. 🙂 He even told me this morning too when he woke up. I could get used to that!

For breakfast Greg baked some homemade cinnamon rolls that I made on Friday. They were delicious!

I love my boys.

After breakfast they gave me some really great gifts. Caden and Shepard made me some pictures with their hands and feet with help from grandma and aunties the day before. So cute!

Greg gave me this awesome bracelet from my all time favorite jewelry designer, Lisa Leonard. I love it! They also gave me some candy bars, my own stuffed Angry Bird (I was the only one without my own), and a huge tube of Bengay. Which is kind of funny, but very thoughtful because my back has been hurting so bad lately.

Shepard always brings me so many smiles and laughs. I hope he’s always such a snuggly and happy little boy.

We went to a park for a quick photo shoot. I thought this log would make for some good pictures, but it took a lot of energy to keep us from falling backward. I eventually dropped Shepard from my lap in order to save myself, lol.

This is a good one!

Shepard has quite a fascination with dandelions right now. He was pretty distracted by how many were beneath the tree.

Such a good husband and daddy, making me feel so special all day!

Shepard being silly, as usual.

We had lunch at a cupcake cafe in Madison with my in-laws. My mother-in-law, Cindy, is one of the strongest, most generous and compassionate women I know. She is an amazing grandma to my boys too!

Family love. 🙂

We went to my parents’ house for the rest of the afternoon to relax and have dinner. The boys are playing double catch with Grandpa.

My parents’ pretty snowball bush. I love these flowers.

Me and my mom. She has a level of patience and unconditional love that I don’t think I will ever be able to reach myself. She is so kind and gentle to everyone and has set such a great example of motherhood to me. She is also an incredible grandma that the boys love to be with!

I just thought this was a funny picture. Shepard is pretty fascinated by the water bowls. Since he has his own water table at home he thinks that any container with water is there just for him to play with. What is that dog doing?

Giving Grandma a final hug. It was a great day. Happy Mother’s Day (one day late) to all of the moms out there. You are appreciated!

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