Cedar Lake

Every year sometime during Memorial weekend we go to Greg’s grandparents’ lake house for a day. It’s a fun time to just relax in the sun and have some fun. This year was a little harder for me because I woke up to the news that my aunt passed away. It wasn’t a surprise and I’m glad she no longer has to suffer. But she will be missed. Another loss for many. And as usual, it comes with the regret of not spending enough time together before it was too late. I tried to spend the day just enjoying my babies, but it was hard to think of little else.

We came to the lake once last year, but Shepard was too little to participate in any of the fun. He loved digging in the sand today. I’m glad I bought a big bucket of sand toys at Costco yesterday to take on our vacation next month!

It was everyone’s first weekend at the lake so the men had to put all the docks in the water first. Shepard and Caden were very confused by this.

Caden was really excited to be there and couldn’t understand why nobody wanted to go swimming with him. Despite the predicted 90 degree weather, I don’t think it ever reached above 75 and it was incredibly windy. So Caden had to satisfy his swimming needs by jumping into three inch water from the dock.

Shepard was content to play on the shore.

Caden and Grandma feeding the fish oatmeal.

Shepard is ready for his first boat ride! He thought the life jacket was pretty cool. A huge difference from Caden’s first boat ride at eight months when he screamed bloody murder the entire time we were on the boat!

Looking pretty spiffy himself.

The life jacket wasn’t so fun when forced to sit on Mommy’s lap.

He was a little scared once we started going. His snuggles made me feel better, though.

And he eventually fell asleep. I love my baby.

I love this guy too. I’m glad they were able to have such a fun day outside by the water. We really appreciate having the opportunity every summer to spend time here. It’s always a special treat.

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