Adventures at Great America

On Sunday I had the opportunity to spend the day at Six Flags Great America with Greg and Caden. Greg’s company, CDW, rents out the entire place for the day for its employees. I knew that CDW had a lot of branches with a lot of employees. But I definitely wasn’t expecting the thousands of people that showed up. But the crowd situation was still so much lighter than any day during the regular season, so I can’t complain!

Greg and I aren’t really ride people, but we wanted the chance to spend the day just with Caden. I’m pretty sure that hasn’t happened since Shepard has joined our family. Caden gets lots of one on one time with grandparents and occasionally one of us, but he never gets both of us together all to himself.

This crazy high spinning thingy is the second “ride” we went on. I remember being on it once before and being terrified. It wasn’t quite so scary this time, but still made me queasy. I hate heights.

I’ve got my super tight mommy grip on Caden so he won’t suddenly decide to jump off and break through the glass wall at the top. 🙂

Batman, our family’s favorite super hero.

Caden did really great on all the rides. I wasn’t sure how he’d act since he’s usually kind of a chicken about things. He was much more brave than I expected! By the end of the day he was even pointing out roller coasters he wanted to ride. We told him not until an aunt or uncle can come with us and take him.

We did, however, go on the kiddie roller coaster. That was scary enough for Greg and I!

The only ride we regretted was a scrambler type ride. Usually my favorite kind of ride I was excited to go on it. But without giving it much thought we had Caden sitting between us and I totally squished him. He wasn’t very thrilled with me and didn’t want either of us sitting next to him on the following few rides.

Overall, it was a very special and fun day. I’m so glad we had the chance to make some happy memories. I’m already looking forward to going back next year!

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