Pizza Picnics

In case you haven’t noticed, our family has a thing for nontraditional picnics. Pizza picnics are another thing we started doing together when Caden was a baby. I think it began when we realized that Little Caesar’s had ready made pizzas for $5. We didn’t want to drive all the way home with it so we stopped at the nearest park. And thus, another Noe family tradition began.

When we moved back to Wisconsin our tradition stopped because we had no Little Caesar’s or any other cheap pizza option. One time we gave it our best shot and drove to Pizza Hut and got the cheapest pizza we could. And then our car died. And we spent forever trying to figure out what was wrong with it. None of our family members were in town to come rescue us so we had to walk all the way home, eating cold pizza on the side of the road. Yuck. It was memorable, though.

Anyway, this week after grocery shopping we stumbled upon a really nice, quiet park. AND it was in a city with a Little Caesar’s. Don’t get me wrong, I really don’t like Little Caesar’s. But it’s pizza and it’s $5. So with nothing better going on today we decided to have our first pizza picnic since the Pizza Hut Disaster.

I didn’t actually take any pictures of the picnic since it was about 45 degrees, windy, and I had Shepard on my lap. It was a pretty rushed picnic. But the park time afterward was fun! In this picture Caden and I are sitting on a very mysterious piece of play equipment. I must be getting old because I can no longer identify about half the things in new parks these days. I apparently don’t have enough imagination to figure out what they could be for either.

Okay, I’ve seen these weird inverted slides before, but I have no idea how they’re supposed to properly be used. I’m pretty sure, though, that Greg isn’t doing it right.

And I’m about 100% sure that going down face first on your stomach isn’t the correct way either. I’m still stumped. It’s like a slide, right? But how is it possibly safe?

This alligator was Shepard’s favorite toy. He knew just what to do!

I hope they always have so much fun together. 🙂

Back to our first mystery. This round thing does spin. But the “handles” aren’t very easy for kids to hang on to. Are they supposed to sit on it? Or lay? Walk? It’s also kind of at an angle making it really hard to stay on.

Shepard loves slides. If I’m not watching carefully he runs full speed and stays running until he eventually falls down. He has no fear. The complete opposite of Caden.

Again, I don’t really get how this thing works either. Maybe I need to go to a park when other kids are actually there and observe.

Pretty sure you’re not supposed to do this…

Trying to figure out the monkey bars.

Even when Shepard has no idea what’s going on, he always has to have a turn too. I don’t think he ever even touched the bars, he just let Greg swing him back and forth underneath them with a huge smile. Hilarious child.

Spinning in action.

Oops, a little too fast!

You need to have mega muscles to operate this digging toy. Definitely not made for three year olds.

And back at home Caden is trying out for a modeling gig with his new favorite dipping sauce.

And that’s a pizza picnic!

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