Jack and Rory’s 7th Birthday

Today is our cats’ seventh birthday! It’s hard to believe they’ve been part of our lives for so long. At the same time, it feels like we’ve had them forever!

We first picked our boys out when they were five weeks old! We got them from a friend’s farm. I immediately picked out Jack as “mine” because he was the only uniquely colored one. Greg picked out Rory from the other six black and gray cats.

They very quickly became a central part of our family. They were definitely our babies those first few years.

I wish baby animals could look like babies all the time. They were so adorable!

I think we picked out a pretty good set. They have an occasional squabble, but they’re still inseparable.

In honor of their birthday, we made a trip to the giant Animart in Madison this morning. Caden spent most of that trip playing with two kittens while I drooled over the beagle puppies. We picked out one new wand toy to bring home as a present. They both loved it, but I eventually had to take it away because Caden was being too rough with it. Caden is too rough with pretty much everything.

Last week we started growing them some cat grass and it was ready just in time!

They also got new catnip bananas and a special early canned food dinner. Which they both threw up five minutes after eating.

Rory wasn’t taking part in the other festivities because he just wanted some cake!

I think we succeeded in making it a special day for our two special kitties. I think that we truly lucked out and have some great cats. Happy birthday, Jack and Rory!

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