Egg Dyeing Party

Today we had our 2nd Annual Family Egg Dyeing Party/Egg Pecking Contest. We started this last year since it was our first Easter in Wisconsin with children and we wanted the grandparents, aunts, and uncles to join in the excitement of Caden’s first “old enough to enjoy it” egg dyeing experience. The egg pecking contest aspect of it is something that Greg always did in his family growing up so it is now part of our tradition as well.

I tried to make some Easter themed desserts to go with the party. These were really easy and delicious!

Vanilla cupcakes with vanilla bean frosting. In Eastery colors. 🙂

I think we had 18 dyes for 13 people.

Even Shepard joined in the fun by using markers on his eggs. I think he might have ended up with more colors on his face and hands, though.

Caden won the award for making the most number of eggs in the shortest amount of time! I feel bad that I didn’t get a chance to make any with him, so I think we’re going to do this again later in the week with just us.

So many creative eggs!

This is my brother Tim’s ugly egg. It was my favorite.

Sarah’s was the most detailed. So neat!

Melissa’s Game of Thrones eggs.

Starting the egg pecking contest! We decided to be hard core this year and actually made a bracket.

And I won!

Shepard has a pecking contest with himself.

I love having family traditions like this. It was a fun and memory filled day!

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