Easter Weekend

I hope everyone had a great Easter! I definitely did, though today I feel like I’ve been run over by a truck, I’m so exhausted. The last three days I feel like I’ve been running a marathon with so much preparation and activity and very, very little sleep. I’m sure most people feel like that around big holidays, though, so I won’t complain too much. 🙂

Saturday was a very special day because Greg and I had a big date planned to see Greg’s favorite band, Guster. The concert was at night in Milwaukee, though, and knowing we were going to be gone all afternoon and night, the day before Easter, we had to do a lot of prep beforehand to get ready for the holiday.

To try and make the day a little more exciting for the boys we ended up going to the Columbus egg hunt in the park that afternoon. It was a lot like this insanely huge egg hunt we took Caden to in Minnesota when we lived there. Huge fields filled with hundreds of eggs to find and kids running wild grabbing as much as they could. It was funny watching the boys and how differently they approached that field. Caden was running all over, but not picking up any of them. He was apparently only in search of the perfect looking eggs. Shepard would methodically pick them up and throw them in the bag. Until, of course, one opened and he realized there was chocolate inside. Then he was content to just stand and eat his candy the rest of the hunt. It was fun!

Soon after, our friends Jake and Liz showed up to babysit the boys all night. Greg and I joined my brother Timmy and headed to Milwaukee to eat dinner at The Rumpus Room, where Timmy is a cook. It was a neat experience since we were given a lot of free food and shared a lot of different appetizers and desserts. We don’t get many opportunities to eat at restaurants fancier than Chili’s, and I really enjoyed it!

Finally, it was concert time! Jeff Garlin and a new comedian, Matt Edgar, opened the show and were very funny. Guster is Greg’s favorite band and though I’m not opposed to them, they’re not a group I choose to listen to on my own time. But I really loved the concert and I’m so glad we went. It made me realize how rarely we do things like this since having kids and I miss it. Now that the boys are getting older I hope that we have a lot more opportunities for special dates in the future.

After getting home after midnight, playing Easter Bunny, and getting a couple hours of sleep, it was finally Easter! Shepard was pretty hardcore about finding all the little chocolate eggs. Caden was much more interested in the plastic eggs and what could be inside of them.

It didn’t take any time at all for Shepard to figure out how good candy is. It’s funny how much more laid back you are with your second child. I’m pretty sure Caden wasn’t allowed to shove handfuls of candy in his mouth at thirteen months!

Our Easter morning turned out pretty well, though we didn’t make it to church. I felt bad since it was Easter, probably the most important church day of the year. But Greg and I were so tired and we didn’t want to rush the boys through the Easter morning experience. I also wanted to make a nice breakfast and still have to finish up my pies for later. It ended up being a pretty relaxing morning.

We went to Easter lunch at my in-law’s house. Shepard was thrilled to get more candy!

It was freezing and windy out, but we had an outdoor egg hunt there that was a lot of fun. I don’t remember ever looking for eggs outside when I was growing up. It’s exciting! After eggs we had a delicious lunch.

In the afternoon we went to my parents’. The Easter Bunny brought the boys lots of new outside play toys! Shepard liked the slide.

It took three people to get Caden on the swing.

Both boys loved the new sandbox and sand toys. We’re looking forward to a warmer and less windy day to actually sit outside and enjoy everything!

We looked for little chocolate eggs in the house then. Shepard found a lot!
He was pretty tired then and had to eat his snack laying down.
And here I am with one of the strawberry and cream pies I made. So yummy! 
Overall, I had a really great Easter weekend. I loved going on a special date with Greg on Saturday and having some time where we didn’t have to be parents  for awhile. And Easter was such a fun family day. We’re so fortunate that so far all of our parents and siblings live close enough that we can still spend holidays together. You never know when that will change so you need to enjoy it every chance you can. We all had a wonderful day!

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  1. I am so glad you guys had an awesome weekend!!! It's nice to just get away. We had a good time babysitting (and Jake learned lots, which was nice). Any time you need a get-away like that, you know where we'll be if you need us 🙂

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