Good Deals at Target!

Every year around Easter it seems that stores like Target and Toys ‘r Us have really good game and toy deals that correlate with a bunch of game and toy coupons that are floating around. A few years ago I was thrilled to pick up games like Candy Land, Chutes and Ladders, and Memory for only $1 each. I knew these coupons were floating around again this year and didn’t think much about it until I saw another blogger posting the deals she got at Target the other night. So I did some research and set out this morning to see what I could get. I’m very excited about my purchases!

For starters, I picked up the game Operation for technically $10.99. Which doesn’t seem like an amazing deal, but combined with all my coupons it turns out great (just wait). Operation is originally priced at $16.99 and I used a $3 off Target coupon combined with a $3 off Hasbro coupon.

Next, I was able to get Monopoly Electronic Banking for $5. I’m not sure what it’s originally priced at ($25 on, but it’s on sale at Target this week for $15. I used a $5 off Target coupon combined with a $5 off Hasbro coupon. These coupons were good for Monopoly Electronic, Bop It XT, and Connect Four Launchers. I thought the Connect Four would be more fun for Caden right now, but it was priced at $20 and is only $11 on amazon, so I’ll save that for another day. I wanted this better deal. Besides, I’ve always enjoyed Monopoly myself!

Target also has a promotion this week where you can get a free Hasbro card game with the purchase of any Hasbro game priced $10 or more. So because I bought Monopoly, I was able to get the I Spy Go Fish game (priced $5.99) for free!

My final item, a Little People Batman car was more of a lucky purchase due to a hurried cashier. I had a coupon for 50% off any Little People item that I wanted to use. This car was on sale for $3.79. The coupon wasn’t working at the register, however, and instead of trying to figure it out the cashier put in the full amount for the coupon value and I got this for free!

And finally, when I went to Target the other day, I received a $5 off any toy purchase of $25 or more. So, I was able to get two board games, a card game, and a small toy for a grand total of $10.99 (plus tax)! That’s a savings of $30.78!

Sorry to go on and on. I just get really excited when I can find good deals that I can use as future gifts for my kids or other people. Of course I planned on putting the games away until they’re older, but Caden doesn’t miss much and has been begging me to play the new games all afternoon. He never saw the smaller things, though, so he’ll be getting I Spy in his Easter basket and Shepard will be getting his first Batman toy!

Yay for deals and doing research!

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